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Construction & Manufacturing Software

As software experts who focus on building digital products, we have incredible respect for our clients who construct the physical products we all live in, drive and use each day. We can help with enhancing existing tools or building new software like these:

  • Hazard and safety alert/tracking systems
  • AR and VR experiences for staff and customers to visualize a future building or assembly line
  • Task automation
  • In-the-field communication systems for contractors and staff
  • Integrations with architectural, structural and final rendering tools
  • Employee monitoring and time-tracking tools
  • Variable pricing automation software
  • Upgrades to or integrations with Internet-of-Things platforms
  • Mobile apps
  • Smart home and smart building software integrating sensors and responsive hardware
  • Designing more visual appealing customer presentations
  • Predictive analytics to better forecast upcoming delays and potential efficiency savings

Our team has worked with several of the largest homebuilders in the world, along with companies like Danaher and Ford.

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