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Government & NonProfit Software

We can handle a broad range of projects for national, state and local governments, along with NGOs and nonprofits. Examples of the kind of projects we can do include:

  • Fundraising software incorporating gamification, group notifications when milestones are hit, etc.
  • Grant/proposal acceptance or submission platforms
  • Citizen crime reporting applications 
  • Mobile apps for municipalities or organizations 
  • Heat maps analyzing changing demographic trends
  • Real-time health tracking applications
  • Voting education and registration tools
  • Emergency alert systems (flood, earthquake, tsunami, missing child) using GPS, apps, social media and cell phones
  • Climate analysis and reporting tools
  • Multi-language elementary education apps 
  • Traffic monitoring and road safety analysis tools

And much more. Our folks have worked with the US National Park Service, the Department of Health & Human Services, over 120 nonprofits, and the United States military. If needed, we can make sure your work is completed solely by developers who have passed strict background checks.

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