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Omnichannel and Gaming: A Perfect Match

May 2023 – Why is omnichannel the key to gaming in the 21st century? Mariano Sosa, Plan A’s VP of sales, explains exactly why in this interview.

Plan A Helps Bring LATAM Gaming Into the Future

May 2023 – Latin America’s premier gaming publication interviews Plan A’s sales VP Mariano Sosa about how he fell in love with the industry and the cutting-edge technology Plan A is working on in the casino space.

How to Choose Between Two Equally Qualified Tech Experts

March 2023 – CEO Slav Kulik discusses the thinking that should go behind making one of the most difficult choices in tech recruitment: You have two equally qualified candidates but only one position is available.

Why Casino Software Is Even More Secure Than Banking Software

February 2023 – Our compliance expert Eva Skornicka explains why gaming software is the safest code around — and the rigorous work that has to go into making it so.

7 Ways for Established Businesses to Think Like Startups

February 2023 – As the biggest companies in tech grapple with the realization that they need to get back to their establishment-challenging roots, our chair, Aron Ezra, gives business leaders essential tips for thinking outside the box.


Is the Gaming Industry Vulnerable to a Southwest-Style Tech Failure?

February 2023 – Plan A Chair Aron Ezra talks to the gaming industry’s B2B magazine about whether casinos have set themselves up for a Southwest Airlines level of disaster when it comes to outdated tech. Read his thoughts on pages 110-111.

How to Make a Difficult Decision as a CEO

February 2023 – CEO Slav Kulik reveals his leadership tips, how to pick between two hard choices, and the mistakes he sees executives making over and over again in this illuminating interview.

How Hospitality Can Make the Most of Mobile Tech

January 2023 – Plan A Chair Aron Ezra has been working with mobile apps in hospitality since the days when apps seemed novel, not necessities. He offers everything the industry can (and should!) do to maximize them today. 

A Front-Row Seat for the Trends of 2023

December 2022 – One benefit of doing tons of financial services software development work? Insight into where FinTech’s going! Plan A CEO Slav Kulik covers it all, from predictive analytics to peer-to-peer transactions.  

Controlling Software Costs

December 2022 – Inflation supplies added urgency, but it’s ALWAYS a good time to understand the expenses that go into software. Plan A Chair Aron Ezra explains all the expenses to give you the best possible shot at savings. 

Moving FinTech Forward

December 2022 – As the year approaches an end, Plan A CEO Slav Kulik discusses FinTech’s future and why he believes companies should choose to embrace their opportunities to innovate (p. 12). 

30 Innovators to Watch

November 2022 – The Silicon Review has named Plan A Technologies one of the 30 Innovators to Watch for 2022! CEO Slav Kulik discusses leading digital transformation. 

A Top Startup of the Year!

November 2022 – We’re delighted to announce that Plan A Technologies has been named a Top Startup of 2022 by Startup to Follow.

How Tech Took Us Beyond Hotel Star Ratings

November 2022 – This CNN article features Plan A CEO Slav Kulik explaining how AI, booking engines, and loyalty programs revolutionized the travel industry. (It also reveals what hotel star ratings actually mean … and yes, we were surprised to learn the answer.)

How to Hire a Tech Team When You Don't Know Much About Tech

November 2022 – For many leaders at many organizations, it’s tough to hire a tech team. This advice from our chairman offers guidance to business leaders desperately seeking ideal development partners.

Why Booking Engines Can Make or Break You

November 2022 – Recent years have been rough on the hospitality industry, but there’s hope. Chairman Aron Ezra explains what businesses should know about booking engines right now, as well as where they’re about to go. They can be the reason guests stay with you … or check in across the street.

Plan A Meets Plan B

November 2022 – It was inevitable: Plan A Technologies met the podcast Plan B Success! Chair Aron Ezra gives the story (and backstory) of Plan A. 

Going Global

October 2022 – Plan A is proud to have both clients and team members all over the planet. This interview with CEO Slav Kulik about Plan A’s success in the gaming sector reflects that, appearing both in Spanish and an English translation. 

The Bliss of Building

October 2022 – My Wakeup Call is one of the top 1% of podcasts globally. Guests include “All in the Family” creator Norman Lear and legendary talk show host Larry King. Chairman Aron Ezra was honored to appear, discussing how the joy of building helps fuel Plan A and his life in general. 

A Pair of Prestigious Awards and G2E

October 2022 – Plan A CEO Slav Kulik discusses winning TWO tech awards and how the Global Gaming Expo featured not only a Plan A booth, but Plan’s A work throughout thanks to collaborations with clients.

Coping With Continuous Growth

September 2022 – John Laurito talks to Plan A Chair Aron Ezra about leadership when a company keeps growing incredibly fast and why empowering your people is so important.

Avoid Business Disaster With This Overlooked Tactic

August 2022 – This article from Aron Ezra, which was featured on the homepage of Enterpreneur.com, advises business leaders about a critical action they need to take to keep their technology infrastructure healthy.

What Was Travel Like Before the Internet?

August 2022 – This funny and nostalgic news story quotes us extensively and shares a look at how Plan A has evolved over the years.

Interview Advice from Our Chairman

July 2022 – Watch our Chairman discuss tips and pointers about job interviews in this conversation with bestselling author Harlan Cohen.

How Mobile Apps Took Over the World

July 2022 – Before Plan A Technologies existed, our founders built some of the first enterprise mobile apps for several different industries. Our team was quoted quite a bit in this fun look at the history of mobile apps.

The Courageous Podcast Features Our Chairman

June 2022 – Host Ryan Berman interviews Aron Ezra to discuss all facets of the entrepreneurial journey. Where to start? How to ramp from small to big? When is it time to go from scale to sale? If you have the stomach to go out on your own and you need some expert advice from someone who has “done it” twice,  then this is the episode for you. Enjoy.

Gamification in the Hospitality World: 5 Years Later, Here's the Biggest Takeaway

June 2022 – What’s the most important lesson learned from gamification campaigns across the hospitality world? Read this piece in Hotel Executive to find out.

Las Vegas Diversifies Its Economy With Companies Like Plan A Technologies

May 2022 – This Las Vegas Sun article profiles our chairman, Aron Ezra, and describes how technology companies like Plan A are bringing exciting new opportunities to the city.

Five Strategies I Used to Grow My Business: An Interview With CEO Slav Kulik

April 2022 – An interview with Slav Kulik, CEO of Plan A, has some great stories and advice for other entrepreneurs and startups working to scale up fast and build a terrific business.

Thinking of Starting a Business? Here's Some Advice From One of Our Founders

March 2022 – This story has great advice for people thinking about becoming an entrepreneur. Our chairman, Aron Ezra, is the first expert quoted in the story that ran in GOBankingRates.

Is a Return to the Office Right for Company Culture?

March 2022 – An interesting piece quoting our CEO about how to build company culture as companies increasingly shift toward hybrid and remote work models.

Health Tech: Advice From the CEO of Plan A Technologies

March 2022 – This series interviews leaders of companies who are creating technologies that make a positive change in people’s lives or the environment. This interview with Slav Kulik, CEO of Plan A, highlights the kind of work we do in healthcare.

Plan A Named Top 20 Software Company in Nevada

January 2022 –  Plan A Technologies was recognized as one of the top 20 software development agencies in Nevada by DesignRush!

Business Spotlight: Interview With Slav Kulik, CEO of Plan A Technologies

December 2021 –  In this interview with our CEO, Slav tells the story of how Plan A Technologies was founded, and shares advice with other enterpreneurs about software, co-founders, the best and worst parts about his job, how to figure out if your idea might work, and more.

Front-End Developer Résumé: What to Include and How to Stand Out

December 2021 –  Read this article in Dice Careers to check some great resume advice from several hiring leaders, including our chairman.

Celebrating at Our Company Retreat

August 2021 – We had a blast at our company event in Kharkiv, Ukraine! As you can see from the photos, we went with a Vegas theme for the retreat, and we went all out. It was wonderful to see so many of our Ukrainian and Moldovan team members together in person to celebrate our successes this year. There was great food, great conversation, great entertainment, and great fun all around.

An Expanding Global Footprint: Engineers in the US, Ukraine, Brazil, Turkey and the Newest Addition, Moldova

May 2021 –  Finding incredible software engineers isn’t easy, especially today. As its client list continues to expand, Plan A Technologies continues to branch out into new countries to recruit top talent. From Porto Alegre, Brazil, to Kharkiv, Ukraine, to Las Vegas and many places in-between, we invite you to join us!

A Fun Interview With Our Chairman

December 2020 – Plan A Technologies works across many industries; this 1-hour podcast from MaxBet Media focuses on how the company works with the gaming and casino vertical. In the interview, our chairman, Aron Ezra, shares good advice for other entrepreneurs, the origin story of Plan A, and a great gambling story!

Hiring Focus: Senior .NET & DevOps Engineers

September 2020 – The hiring spree continues at Plan A Technologies! We’re adding more people weekly, and we’re especially interested in hiring more .NET and DevOps engineers for several clients. If you’re in Ukraine, Brazil or Turkey — send your resume to us at [email protected] today! 


Plan A Technologies Hiring Additional Engineering Talent as Summer Development Projects Heat Up

June 2020 – Plan A Technologies, a software development and technology consulting company, announced that the firm is continuing to aggressively hire additional front end and back end engineers in its Ukraine offices and US offices.  


Gartner Identifies Top 10 Data and Analytics Technology Trends for 2020

June 2020 – This short read from Gartner discusses the top 10 data and analytics technology trends for 2020 to prepare for a post-pandemic reset. They recommend leaders should examine the following 10 data and analytics trends to accelerate renewal or recovery post COVID-19 pandemic.

Coding In the Age of COVID19

May, 2020 – This white paper from Plan A Technologies highlights many of the steps that the firm is taking to stay safe and stay productive throughout the novel coronavirus pandemic. It also highlights best practices to help other technology development teams maintain effectiveness in remote-work environments.

Plan A Technologies Acquires Ukrainian Development Team

February 2020 – Plan A Technologies, a software development and technology consulting company, announced the acquisition and integration of Ukrainian development company DeepCode. “DeepCode’s engineers have fantastic expertise working across multiple industries,” said Slav Kulik, CEO of Plan A Technologies. “I’m thrilled to be welcoming them to the Plan A family.” 

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Software Development Company

This five-minute read from Entrepreneur magazine explores the question: how do you actually find companies with talented developers? It discusses four of the most common mistakes people make in the process. 

Plan A Technologies Opens New Las Vegas Headquarters

January 2020 – Plan A Technologies, a software development and technology consulting company, has opened its new headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada. “We’ve been part of the tech ecosystem in Nevada for some time,” said Slav Kulik, CEO of Plan A. “We’re impressed with the talent and fast growth there, and I look forward to even bigger things in the future.”    

Tech Dealmaking Trends to Watch in 2020

January 2020 – This is a cool article in Forbes by MergerMarket that touches on many of the themes our clients are discussing across logistics, construction, retail, finance, telecommunications and electric vehicle segments. From drones to artificial intelligence and 5G, this piece gives a nice view of what we might expect this year on the tech deal front.

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