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Re-Built the entire ecommerce platform for smartbargains

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Smartbargains, an American online retailer, initially used an off-the-shelf eCommerce platform that frequently crashed and had limited functionality. The company was growing fast and needed a new feature-rich, scalable eCommerce and fulfillment management system as fast as possible.


Our engineers created a powerful custom platform with a 360 degree product catalog, cross-selling capabilities, natural language search, time-based promotions, and an algorithmic real-time discount engine. It supported multiple fulfillment options across both warehouses and drop-ship providers. The system automatically optimized order splits to fulfill orders in the shortest amount of time at the lowest shipping cost. It even included back office functionality to manage customer service issues, review detailed analytics, and identify potential fraud issues. 


Our dramatically upgraded platform led to:

  • Much faster load times and virtually eliminating crashes.
  • Far more relevant product results shown to each customer.
  • Higher margins due to more selective discounting.
  • Lower charge-back expenses and shipping costs thanks to our optimization software.

This upgrade enabled growth to over $120 million of online annual sales before Smartbargains was acquired.

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