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Improving patient engagement & support AT this hospital

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This is a current, ongoing project so we can’t yet reveal the customer name. This hospital approached us about developing a new patient communication and engagement platform from scratch that could be used by patients suffering from chronic conditions. They wanted an informal forum for patients to connect with each other, and for clinical moderators to help educate and motivate the group to comply with their clinical instructions to reduce adverse events and expensive hospital re-admissions.


Our team created the solution that you see below to give patients a secure, clinically-monitored forum to ask questions, get support, and encourage other patients who ask to participate in the program. The platform closely tracks usage and has the ability to send out “red flag alerts” to nurses and/or family members if a patient either suddenly stops participating or raises serious issues (such as suicide) that require immediate intervention.


We’ve received glowing feedback so far. While the project is still in active development and continues to evolve, we look forward to being able to bring tools like this to other hospitals, insurance companies, gyms, and schools.

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