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In-Store Retail & Online eCommerce Software

Our team really enjoys this space, and we’ve done extensive development for both brick and mortar clients and eCommerce sites. Here are a few examples of the kind of work we can do:

  • Facial recognition upgrades and integrations
  • Smart shelf technology Mobile shopping apps
  • Anti-theft and surveillance monitoring platforms
  • Cashless solutions to enable mobile payments or cashier-less autonomous store fronts¬†
  • Shopper heat maps
  • Predictive analytics platforms to optimize prices and predict customer churn,
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality shopping experiences
  • Integrating different shopping tools
  • Improving product tracking¬†
  • Employee check-in, payment, and monitoring tools
  • Enhancing the speed and usability of existing eCommerce platforms

Sample past customers include SmartBargains, VistaPrint, Findlay Auto Group, Lowes, and more.

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