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Healthcare Software

Our team has worked with over 200 healthcare organizations around the world including hospitals, health insurance companies, biotech companies, and medical device companies.  We have a deep understanding of things like HIPAA and healthcare informatics, along with the broader healthcare landscape. We build solutions that ultimately help prevent medical errors, improve efficiency, spot trends using big data, and achieve better care outcomes.

Here are some examples of work we can do:

  • Surgery notification systems for family members in the waiting room
  • Incentive platforms to reward patients for taking their medication or going to a follow up visit 
  • Patient and physician mobile apps 
  • Enhancements or interfaces to EMRs / EHRs and patient charting systems   
  • Networking and chat tools for patient support groups 
  • Bill payment systems 
  • Advanced symptom-matching tool to online database
  • Analytics software to optimize throughput and payments 
  • Virtual reality-based clinical training tools
  • Reminder tools for staff and physicians to improve compliance with rounding and discharge times
  • Object-tracking software to improve tracking and proper billing of equipment in the OR 
  • Health insurance claim analysis to improve accurate payments and reduce fraud
  • Monitoring software for patients with chronic conditions like diabetes, CHF and COPD 
  • Setting up private clouds or migrating data to AWS, Azure or similar clouds
  • Upgrades to fundraising and donor software 

We have worked for organizations like Blue Cross Blue Shield, The Mayo Clinic, The University of California Health System, HCA, Tenet, and more.

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